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To maintain our excellent reputation as one of Eastern Virginia's most exclusive and elite escort agencies and our commitment to customer service, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist you, particularly if you're new to hiring escorts.

Please bear in mind that Secret Fantasy Escorts is a high-class agency. We recruit the finest and most elegant and beautiful girls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
* What are in-calls and outcalls? If you book an escort for an outcall appointment, she will visit you - sometimes in your home, or in your hotel room. For an in call, you visit our escorts in their apartment. The minimum booking is for one hour and beyond. You can hire Secret Fantasy Escorts for as long as you like. HOWEVER, you are in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and here it is ILLEGAL to own, operate, work at, or visit an incall. Which means: NO INCALL. We apologize if it is inconvenient for you, but it would be much worse if we were all inconvenienced by not abiding the laws.
*How far in advance do I need to book an escort? You can make a booking on the same day or as far as a month beforehand. You can currently book by phone or you can use our online booking form. Online Bookings will still need to be confirmed on the date. Booking in advance is a good option to be sure of securing a date with the Secret Fantasy Escort of your choice at the time most convenient to you.
*What payment methods do the escorts accept? Cash and credit are the only forms of payment currently accepted by Secret Fantasy Escorts. Cash should be given to your companion within the first ten minutes of the booking. Credit card payments must be approved by YOUR bank prior to seeing a Secret Fantasy Escort. We are required by OUR bank to have one form of identification and an imprinted slip of your card in order to be paid. If you do not have these things, we can not honor your credit card at this time. You are provided with a copy of the slip imprinted and signed by you immediately.
*Is all this legal? Am I breaking the law? Yes it is legal, and no, you're definitely not breaking the law. We are simply introducing you to individuals who take payment in exchange for spending their time with you. What the girls do when they are with you is their business and yours – it has nothing to do with us. All our escorts are assuredly over age and have provided us with documented proof of their age and nationality.
* Can I book more than one girl at a time? Of course, Not all of our escort girls offer this service, but those that do have a note to that effect on their profile page, along with information about their preferred partners.
* Can my friend and I see an escort together? Yes, some of our escort girls enjoy meeting couples as well as singles! However not all female escorts are so open minded, so it would be very helpful to inform us prior to booking that you wish to include a third party so that we can ensure your selected escort girl is happy with the arrangements. Often there may be an additional charge the amount is at the escort’s discretion.
* How much notice do the girls usually need? To be honest it’s impossible to answer this absolutely. Some of the girls in our portfolio have other occupations. Sometimes we can make a booking with your chosen adult entertainer with as little as hour notice. Same-day bookings are generally not a problem, although this does depend on the girl. We recommend that you give yourself as much time as possible, to assure that you get the escort that you want.
* Are the girls' fees negotiable? No Sorry, they are not negotiable. The ladies we represent are professional escorts. They use their assets and skills in the same way your lawyer or accountant does. The only circumstances under which negotiation might take place are if you were taking one of our escorts out for a longer period than is listed on her scale of fees. In such a situation we would expect to discuss the price with you.
* Are the pictures on the girls' profile pages genuine? All photos of our escorts are genuine and updated. Our company policy requires that we meet all our ladies, to assure that our clients get exactly what they ask for.
* Why are some of the girls’ faces blurred? There are several reasons why some girls ask us to blur their face. Many of our girls are university students or have professional careers and only escort on a part-time basis. For others the reason is personal: they don’t want their boyfriend and/or family to know that they are working as an escort. We do meet all of our girls and only agree to blur pictures when we are satisfied that they are recent and genuine.
* Can I make a special request? Absolutely! If you’d like your sexy escort to wear something special, or if you have another request, just ask – we will always try and be as accommodating as possible.
* Can I extend a booking? If you can provide the extra cash for the lady’s company and allow her to call us informing us that she is safe (and enjoying herself), by all means, go for it.
* What if the escort and I do not “click” when we meet? Tell the escort that she is free to leave and offer her traveling expenses if you do not get along well immediately. Disappointed clients are rare but we will always offer either full compensation or a suitable alternative.
* What happens if the client or escort is late? If the client has enough time, the meeting will still last the full length of time. If the late start is the fault of the escort, she will give the client an extra 15% discount or 20 minutes of free time
* What do I do when I meet the escort? When you meet your chosen escort, treat them the way you would like to be treated. If it is your first time and you don't know what to do, or, if you are embarrassed or nervous, just say so. This helps escort to help you relax, talk a little more and allow you to get comfortable. Don't be afraid to tell your escort what you want and what you will be expecting. All our sexy escorts are trying to give you the pleasure you want, so the more accurately you communicate, the easier it is for them to satisfy you as a customer. And like any business people, Secret Fantasy Escorts enjoy working with their better customers. Escort will call the agency soon after they meet you. Don't worry about this. It is a security call to let the agency know that they are with you and that everything is ok. Escort will make another phone call to the agency at the end of your appointment.
* At what times are the girls available? Most of our girls are available from about 2:00 PM until late in the evening. Some girls may finish up before midnight, but many do accept bookings after midnight. And some girls are even happy to accept bookings for a few hours after midnight until the wee hours of the morning. However, there are occasions when we are unable to arrange bookings at certain difficult times unless prior notice is given.
* What is included on a date and what do you suggest we do? The girls from Secret Fantasy Escorts enjoy many activities and are more than happy to accompany you to dinner, the theatre or to go out clubbing. Please note that we only provide a booking service for independent escorts that are profiled on our site. As such, please remember that any fees paid are strictly for their time and companionship only. Whatever else may occur is purely a decision made between two consenting adults.
* What information do I have to give for a booking? Secret Fantasy Escorts needs your real name, address of the meeting point, date and time of the meeting, phone number to re-confirm, chosen girl and for how long you would like to have the date. If you are staying in a hotel, we also need your room number as well as the name and phone number of the hotel. Our operators will re-confirm your booking to your hotel before the Escort girl leaves.
* What happens with my personal information? Absolutely nothing. We do not keep your information once our entertainer or escort has checked out safely.
* When does the date start? As soon as you Secret Fantasy escort girl arrives and consequently checks in with the agency by calling in.
* Can I have the Escort’s number or meet up with her? NO. If the two of you decide to do so, the entertainer or escort is at risk of being terminated by the agency.
*Help! My question isn't answered here! Contact us by calling (804) 977-9366 or sending us an email.


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